Voyage, Sport et Nature dans les îles de Guadeloupe

a beautiful Approach Walk of about 1h30 and 300 m of uneven to arrive at the top of a beautiful waterfall. first reminder of twenty meters on a tributary of the Bois Malaisé River.


The river includes 4 other rappels, and two jumps. A good physical condition is necessary to reach the end of this long outing

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The essential
Rates: 95 euros

Included: Full suit, helmet, harness.

Duration: 6 hours

Tips: Have a pair of tennis and snacks in the river.

Meeting point: 8h00 parking lot of the leader Price Pigeon Bouillante



 Here is a more complete description of your canyoning trip and some tips to better appreciate this day.
We are waiting for you at 8:00 Parking of the leadingprice shop in Pigeon Bouillante

 itineraire point rencontre

this is the grouping point, your guide is waiting for you.
When the group is complete, start at the start of the approach walk to prepare. Distributions of suits, harnesses, helmets ......
You are finally ready.
The guide always takes with him cereal bars in order to overcome a tiredness of the participants. It also provides water for the entire group.
We put at your disposal watertight containers and specific backpacks to transport them. You can bring something to nibble (we advise you the exit is long), cameras, glasses etc ....

An hour and a half of walking in a beautiful tropical forest. 20 minutes a little difficult, then the softer trail winds in the exuberance of the vegetation. Your guide explains how the dense rainforest works.
We then have to go down to the river in about fifteen minutes
Phew !!! we are there, it's time to finish equipping ourselves, to get wet and after a few minutes and a briefing it's gone ....
Not very far because it is already the first reminder. Explanations and demonstration of the guide and it's up to you. the first reminder is easy, the guide takes the time to advise you individually, the next will be easier, this time the gesture is acquired.
The river consists of five recalls, 3 jumps.

We thank you for your trust and make every effort to have a pleasant day with us


In the event of cancellation of your reservation more than 72 hours before the outing, you will be fully reimbursed for your payment by canceling the transaction. In case of cancellation of the outing by Vert intense whatever the reason, you are fully reimbursed. Cancellations on our part are essentially security related. For example a weather that makes the exit impossible or dangerous. In this case, we will contact you at the latest on the morning of the outing around 6:30 a.m. to avoid unnecessary travel. It is therefore important to provide the reservation form with a valid telephone number.

If you do not receive any document by email after your registration, please contact us on 0590690554047



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