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Hiking on the Soufrière, the roof of the Lesser Antilles to discover an active volcano. Your guide explains the volcanism of the soufrière and its influence on the island. At the summit, it is equipped with your respirator (supplied) that you enter the most active area of the volcano


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The Volcano of Soufrière is an explosive volcano, its ascent allows you to discover the most active area of ​​the Volcano. several fumaroles, a continual degassing, a real experience. The weather often very capricious on the height of the Basse-Terre makes the volcano of the soufrière one of the most watered areas of the World. It is important to be well prepared for this hike to Soufriere. A rain jacket enough to put it over your backpack, enough to nibble and drink to cross 500 meters of uneven without problems. Protect personal effects that are sensitive to moisture inside your backpack. Near the parking of your vehicle, you find the yellow baths. A swimming pool arranged around a source of water heated by the Soufriere volcano. Remember to take your swimsuits, which you can leave in your vehicle with extra clothes and a bath towel. Swimming back from the hike to the Soufriere and a real treat. Our guides and mountain guides are familiar with all the attractions of the Soufrière Volcano. Vegetation, volcanism, history, influence on the island, they will meet your expectations.

We wish you a good discovery of the volcano of the soufrière during a Green-Intense hikes



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Tarifs : 45 euros

Durée : 5 heures 590MD+

Point rencontre : 7h30local vert-intense Saint Claude

Départ : Tous les jours sur réservation groupe 12 pers.max

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Here below is the detail of the guided hike to the summit of the volcano of Soufrière Guadeloupe. Highest point in the Lesser Antilles, the summit of the volcano is a must in your visit to Guadeloupe.
the hike is from the yellow baths, a pool of hot water at 30 ° in the heart of the rainforest. For now we are just passing through, swimming is scheduled for our return.
Even if the hike is well signposted, it displays only 500 M positive elevation, it is important to take into account its specificities due to the tropical climate.
We are in one of the driest areas on the planet, with an annual rainfall record of 14.5M.
It is therefore very important to follow the advice we give you at the time of your reservation. You must have a rain suit and carry only the bare minimum in your backpack. If you must take effects that are sensitive to humidity, pack a waterproof bag. do not hesitate to ask your guide before leaving the green-intense room, we have waterproof bags or cans that we can lend you.
The trail, or trail as we call them here in Guadeloupe is a mountain path, the rocks can be wet and slippery, it is important to have a good pair of hiking boots. The best shoes are light shoes like trail. They offer the advantage of good grip and quick drying.
Temperatures do not seem to be a problem, however, the combination of wind and moisture is hard to bear, think of taking a warm garment.

La Soufrière, it can be that too ....... and we wish you
A cloudless volcano, breathtaking views. It is in this case of the sun that we must protect ourselves. remember to take sun protection, hat, glasses, cream.
The weather changes constantly, and very quickly, nothing is over at the soufrière. You must be able to quickly switch from one protection to another.
Here are some interesting weather links below.
Weather on the volcano 3 days
Weather on the volcano 3 hours
We cancel the hikes simply in case of important weather alert France and especially when the storm risk is important. the hike does not cross any river, no danger on this side.
The Soufrière is an active volcano, the goal of our hike is to make you discover this activity. The view is a plus for the lucky ones.

Detail of your hike to Soufrière.
After walking along the pool of yellow baths, we continue on the paved path of Pas du Roy. We are in the middle of a dense humid forest, paradise of tall trees, lianas and roots. the trees are covered with epiphytic plants. We follow this sinuous trace on 150 m of unevenness.

Here we are now on the old Soufrière car park, the savannah in Mulets. the change of scenery is radical, the large trees have given way to a richer, denser, impenetrable vegetation. The view of the caribbean sea and open and the soufrière is the front us.

From here, and depending on the weather conditions, there are several solutions available to us. We will privilege the climb on the east side of the volcano, which allows us to discover all the chasms of the last eruptions 1956 and 1976. The trace is a little more direct, more steep therefore less frequented.

Passage to the abyss of the eruption of 1976, then of 1956 where we find the first signs of the volcanic activity. The mountain pineapples point their red flowers near the craters, they seem to defy the volcano.
Still a few meters and here we are on the summit plateau, with its many active craters, south crater, napoleon chasm, pit Dupuy.
If the weather allows it, pass on the culmination of the great discovery at 1476m before descending by the way of the ladies.
Small difficult part of the descent along the big fault. equipment made by the National Park facilitates the descent.
We are at the bottom of the big fault, the path is now softer, the Faujas rockslide is in front of us, covered with Sphagnus with multiple tones.

The Caribbean Sea is before us, the saints are placed on the water, between Guadeloupe and Dominica.
a half hour to find the yellow baths and the bath is refreshing.

We thank you for your trust and make every effort to have a pleasant day with us


In the event of cancellation of your reservation more than 48 hours before the outing, you will be fully reimbursed for your payment by canceling the transaction. In case of cancellation of the outing by Vert intense  whatever the reason, you are fully reimbursed. Cancellations on our part are essentially security related. For example a weather that makes the exit impossible or dangerous. In this case, we will contact you at the latest on the morning of the outing around 6:30 a.m. to avoid unnecessary travel. It is therefore important to provide the reservation form with a valid telephone number.

If you do not receive any document by email after your registration, please contact us on 0590690554047




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